Incelocalypse (forum)

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Jump to: navigation, search is a forum for the edgiest of incels, created on 8 February 2018 after access to was lost to U.S. readers.

Color scheme[edit]

Leucosticte writes, with regard to the site's red-and-white color scheme:[1]

I like the idea of our being more like angels of light, who similarly to St. Elliot will send forth judgment into this world and open the people's eyes to the truth. I am an optimist because as long as rape is a possibility, incels have a chance. Probably in our ancestral histories there are many men who escaped inceldom through rape, rather than giving up hope when they first looked at the reflection of their visages in a clear pool of water in the forest.

The red is symbolic of the blood that will be shed by the force of our thrusting penises on that incelocalyptic day when we hold down young, virginal girls and rupture their hymens. The white is symbolic of the hope we have now, during the long night of inceldom, for the dawn of that day, and the pure righteousness of our cause, which is the most natural cause we could ever pursue, as we seek to fulfill our purpose of sex and reproduction. Just like there is no shame in other biological functions like taking a shit, there is no shame in wanting to rape.

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