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Blowfish face

Selfies are, combined with their necessary instrument, the ubiquitous smartphone, the bloodline of modern-day females. These self-taken pictures serve as constant flattering of their ego, whether or not these females are actually beautiful and worth taking pics.

Asian girls' selfies are enhanced by a quite cute "mouth gesture" or pouting, called blow-fish face.

Selfies are not an inconvenience per se for males, except that they can become an obsession for many females, taking up a lot of their time, and leading them to think of themselves as some kind of stars. Selfies are also part of the "hunt for likes" on social media, the number-one favorite leisure activity for "modern" teens and women. (Full article...)

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An ample padonk
An ample padonk

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"What I find infuriating is the modern idea that obligation is a four-letter word when it pertains to women. The idea that a woman should have any obligations, ever, is seen as the greatest human injustice.

"Someone needs to tell those broads that the entire idea of marriage was the unifying of two people under a set of joint obligations. Historically a man was obligated to provide his provision -- money, home and food on the table -- and to set aside chasing women in exchange for access to his wife's body and nurture/housekeeping. Modern women have decided that they want nothing to do with that system...except the part about male obligation.

"This is why marriage rates are going down. Men aren't stupid, they're waking up to the reality that there is literally no benefit in it for them." — Cyralea. "RE: My take on the spreadsheet husband". 

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