Neoreactionary libertarianism

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Neoreactionary libertarianism is libertarianism that rejects social leftism, since many socially leftist policies (such as bake the cake) are against individual liberty and property rights.[1] The Anarchist Notebook states:[2]

Consider there is nothing contradictory about the idea of a neoreactionary libertarian.

Having said that, I don't really have much heart for criticizing neo-reactionary supporters because their criticism of libertarianism has little to do with libertarianism. They’re also not the cause of the problems libertarians face. I see them as a product of relentless, continuous persecution on the part of cultural Marxists who run the Establishment and are trying to destroy the liberty movement through treachery and deceit.

Neoreactionaries feel as though they've tried everything. They voted for the cuckservative candidates who betrayed them and sold out their country and their freedoms for Judas silver. They sought the support of the trad cons in the conservative movement, who instead of holding the line in the culture war spent just as much time telling them to "man up" as they enabled leftist destruction of marriage and the family. Many of them are members of the New Lost Generation. They're blamed for everything they didn't do, had no control over, and weren't responsible for. Or for things that don't even exist, like rape culture. Their speech is monitored and censored in public. Their race and gender is mocked and ridiculed. For decades they’ve been told they must allow themselves to be politically cuckholded and placate people who hate them and want them dead.

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