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Patriarchism is an antifeminist philosophy arguing that men (specifically, fathers -- women's fathers or their husbands, who will father those women's children) should have authority over women. Hyo-Soo Lee writes, "By definition, patriarchism is a form of social organization in which the father is the supreme authority and is the highest-ranking member in the family, clan, or tribe. Descent follows the male line with all the children belonging to the father's family, clan, or tribe."[1] Castells notes that patriarchism "is characterised by the institutionally imposed authority of the man over his wife and children in the family environment. In order for such authority to be exercised, patriarchism must permeate the entire organisation of society, from production and consumption to politics, legislation and culture."[2] Jung Hee Kwon notes, "For a long time, the women and children were not treated as individual human beings, but recognized as possessions of husband or father under patriarchism of protecting and supporting them. Family violence to wife and child by a husband might always happen under this patriarchism. Systematized of division of the public law and the private law since the modern age, the nation would not step into the family affairs because the family was regarded by privacy matter. Family violence was consciously neglected and any social blame and punishment were not made for it. It was treated as a quarrel or matter of man and wife."[3]

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